Security audit is one of the dedicated services for business. We offer you a general and detailed audit of the security areas of your interest. Below you will find a detailed list of activities conducted within the scope of this service. Please contact us if you would like to receive information on a  full scope of activities undertaken by us within the audit service


General Audit


1 Assessment of the security system functioning in the company:

– existing organizational solutions;

– analysis of the documentation constituting a basis for the company’s security

– security structure and efficiency.

2. Preparation of a map of threats to the company’s security

3  Determination of areas that should be protected.

4 Development of a plan of necessary steps leading to the creation of a uniform and comprehensive security system of the company.


Detailed Audit of Security Areas


1 Security of the company’s management bodies and staff who have access to information of particular interest – corporate secrets,

2 Personal security

3 Physical protection

4Technical protection,

5 Security of information constituting a trade secret,

6 ICT security

7 Security of personal data.

8 Protection of classified information.